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mainsim Free is the easiest way to submit maintenance tickets. Supervisors can organize their Assets and manage daily maintenance activities and Work Orders. mainsim.

  • Load all your building's Assets into your own Dashboard
  • Handle maintenance requests from anywhere with a mobile device
  • Give Requestors a mainsim Wizard to submit common corrective maintenance tasks
  • Submit and Manage error free, unambiguous, tickets
  • Prioritize maintenance requests
  • Create, Clone and Add hierarchical asset structures quickly
  • Deal with work orders straight away
  • Design workflows to eliminate call forwarding, manual job routing and ticket dispatching
  • Multilingual support
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€ 29,95 Supervisor User/Month
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Unlimited Service Requestors‏

With the Pro version of mainsim you still have all the all your maintenance activities in an intuitive, stress free tool, with numerous incredibile additional features.

Get mainsim Pro for 30 Days. No Credit Card. No obligations.

  • No limit on the number of User-Requestors
  • Organize tickets, create work orders effortlessly
  • Assign roles, to internal and external staff
  • Schedule routine maintenance tasks
  • Program planned inspections and audits
  • Lineup and manage call-outs
  • Import all your own existing Data, Assets, Users
  • Handle Customers and oversee Suppliers
  • Transfer your own maintenance policies into mainsim

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€ 44,95 Supervisor User/Month
€14,95 after the first 3 Supervisor Users
Unlimited Service Requestors‏

The Enterprise version of mainsim is a fully supported customizable option that lets enterprises large and small track work orders, asset data and take care of maintenance activities effortlessly, even across multiple sites.

  • Create advanced maintenance tasks
  • No Limit on Service Requestors
  • Design detailed workflows and assign priorities
  • Handle maintenance across multiple sites
  • Integrate complex maintenance activities and policies
  • Design cross-site KPIs to see how your team is performing
  • Custom reporting and filtering
  • Build cost analysis for assets and maintenance activities
  • Call on mainsim support when you need it

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*Referring friends and colleagues is the easiest way to up the amount of Service Requestors. mainsim’s referral program gives you an extra Requestor for each new signup you bring to mainsim.  

Can't decide which is the best version for you?

If you’re unsure where to start, try mainsim for Free. This version lets you get tarted really quick with all your building assets. Your users can submit maintenance tickets with the Wizard functionality. You can manage and prioritize the work orders straight away from your own personal dashboard.

Questions about features or pricing?

Talk to our support team. Our team are here to answer questions big or small – and help you to make your maintenance work easier.


What can I use mainsim for?

mainsim is a CMMS that lets you manage Work Requests, Work Orders, Maintenance Planning, Maintenance Scheduling, Maintenance Billing & Costing, Maintenance KPIs and Measuring. You can use mainsim to manage building and facility Assets, Users, Crews and Routine Maintenance. mainsim is designed as an intuitive platform that you can access through a web interface that is simple and easy to use. Assets, Users and Maintenance Tasks and Maintenance Data can be Added, Modified, or Deleted. In addition, with mainsim you can set up and organize Audits, Inspections, Reports, Cost Analysis, Design & Customize Quick Requests through the mainsim Wizard.

Where can I use mainsim?

mainsim is designed as a SaaS (software as a service) platform, which means there is no software to install. Its accessible from the Web. All you need is a web connection and browser. With mainsim you can access maintenance management tasks from any mobile device as well as a standard PC with web browser. mainsim mobile functionality is at its best though the mainsim Wizard features through its distinct ‘tile’ layout. From a smartphone maintenance managers have complete access to help desk, work orders, asset & maintenance tasks and all asset and maintenance functions.

What are the big differences between versions?

With mainsim for Free you can manage all your building assets in one place. Organize, tickets, prioritize, maintenance requests and deal with Work Orders straight away from your own personal dashboard. Your users can submit maintenance tickets using the mainsim Wizard functionality. With mainsim Pro all your maintenance activities can be managed and scheduled. Organize tickets, create, Work Orders, schedule routine maintenance tasks, planned inspections and audits. Manage call-outs, suppliers and maintenance costs. Import all your own data, assets, customers, suppliers and maintenance policies directly into mainsim.‏ You have Unlimited Service Requestors so no matter how many users or how much staff or contractor turnover, any staff member, guest, contractor can submit maintenance ticket. With mainsim Enterprise you can create a customized solution to suit the complexity of your maintenance needs. Create detailed workflows and priorities. Our fully supported customizable option allows enterprises to track work orders, assets, data, multiple sites, create KPIs and a host of other complex maintenance processes. Exactly the the way you want them organized.‏

What is a Supervisor and Service Requestor?

Supervisor: Typically this is the maintenance manager. The Supervisor has a full view of the system; Assets, Work Orders, Users, Sites, ticket Requests, Suppliers. The Supervisor decides the maintenance policies, priorities, workflows, and has full rights to change and insert new details as needed. In a nutshell, the Supervisor can create, insert and manipulate pretty much all the components of the system. Requestor: Consider this to be a non-technical user submitting maintenance requests as needed. In a typical case, the Requestor can be a staff member raising a ticket for a boiler repair or other plumbing breakdown, broken electrical socket or any other maintenance request that occurs in a structure. In essence the Requestor is anyone in a building that the Supervisor has given permission to signal faults, repairs, requests and so on, be they customer, suppliers, crew, staff etc.

Whats in the mainsim Dashboard?

We designed mainsim with maintenance managers in mind, so they can stop worrying about how to use software and get maintenance done quickly. With mainsim we aim to make maintenance easier in practical ways. One such ways is the mainsim dashboard. Ever thought about how practical maintenance diaries, logs, paper based calendars, memos, Excel sheets are for modern building management? We did! Thats why the mainsim dashboard has a snapshot of crucial maintenance information and lets you quickly see Assets, Users, Work Orders, schedules and all your maintenance activities. All in one place. Its the driving seat for your maintenance management activities. The mainsim dashboard just makes maintenance more convenient instead of relying on pen & paper, Excel sheets, email and Post-it notes stuck on a PC for all your maintenance management tasks. Through the mainsim daashboardyou can access your maintenance dashboard from anywhere and you’ll know exactly how your maintenance team is performing. Less writing (your hand will thank you) and more automation (your maintenance team will thank you).

What is the mainsim Wizard?

We all know that some common maintenance requests will always come up. So why not make it as easy as possible to report them? Especially where there are novice users or non-technical requests involved. The mainsim Wizard is designed for just this type of situation. Its a tool that lets users submit a ticket for a series of predefined breakdown or maintenance problems. Through a graphical interface, Requestors simply drill down into list of menus of common requests and chose the request they are looking for. Its quick. Its accurate. Needs no training and little technical knowledge. Best of all the requests you get are error free and unambiguous. The mainsim Wizard can be used with a mobile device, via a web interface. A Requests submits their request simply by tapping on the screen though series of 'tiles'. Each ‘tile’ is a typical maintenance request. We introduced the ‘tile’ layout for a couple of reasons. The first so untrained users can interact with mainsim without any training. And second the mobile capability means managers can manage, edit, approve Work Orders, tickets and requests from anywhere through mobile devices. And Above all else it for maintenance mangers it makes creating a Work Order simple. The mainsim Wizard meaans requests are less error prone. Saving you time trying to decipher what Requestors are actually asking. As a maintenance manger you can create unlimited set of requests or requests that are suited to your maintenance mission. You can customize, add or change each tile as needed. Know what are the common requests in your building are? You can implment your own mainsim Wizard.

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