About our Company

Creative people. Coffee addicted. Forward thinking.

Our vision

We love our work, our customers, our software, our company and working together. Putting all these together we discovered a passion to serve and help others. Serving our colleagues in the industry led to our vision. Clear and simple: Saving time for everyone involved in building and maintenance management industry. But to be successful in our mission we need your help.‏

Our story

A little bit of history that is almost 11 years in the making…
Way back in 2004 when our small team started out assisting and consulting on Asset Management and Maintenance Software (CMMS and EAM) deployment, we discovered something was broken with the software offerings. As we built up customers and delved into new industries we had the chance to try, test and customize most CMMS and EAMs on the market. From the expensive, functionality heavy Enterprise Solutions right down to Low Cost and Open Source solutions. And everything in-between.‏

The Results?

In almost each case the end result was predictable as it was frustrating. With top end of solutions, in addition to the cost, we found unnecessary complication for the most simple of tasks. When rolled-out, the end result was a clunky, slow system compounded by difficult to use overcomplicated functionality that on-the-ground maintenance managers and personnel did not like using. On the other end of the scale we found most offerings too simplistic to be efficient in real life customer cases. With no real options to customize and tweak according to customer project requirements and turn it into something usable from the user perceptive. This meant a lot of wasted time and budget implementing a solution that was far off expectations. In both cases when systems were implemented, maintenance mangers generally did not have time to sit though hours of training to completely understand and use the system effectively. More often than not the system was rejected or taken on-board under duress. Either way it was left by the way side or used inefficiently by maintenance managers.

User Experience

From novice users to power-users we felt everyone should feel comfortable with the same system and have the same user experience when interacting. That’s why in May 2008 after another a long line of frustrating customer implementations we decided to develop mainsim our own CMMS. Taking all we learned from customers and partners we wanted to build a CMMS that filled the gaps left by complicated, technical heavy systems. It hasn’t been easy to fit all we have learned into mainsim. But we did it. It took over 15 months of pure development efforts to bring a fully functional product to market with our first customer in 2009. A global insurance company. This first deployment with a global customer was a valuable testing ground and opportunity to gain essential customer and user time. The whole process meant we were able to see exactly where current market solutions were failing and build something that actually meet customer requirements.‏

Where are we today?

Today after almost seven years of development and listening to users we have reached the point where mainsim is a reliable mature and marketable solution. We are delighted to announce that we are ready to share mainsim among clients, partners and management experts across the maintenance and building management sector.

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Our Clients

Some of our well known clients from different sectors.

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How to Contact Us

Below are all details on how to reach us. If you’re looking for someone in specific, you can find the details for all members of the mainsim family on our team page. Alternatively come and visit us, you will be made most welcome!

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  • mainsim s.r.l.
  • Corso Colombo, 12B
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